“Greetings for Sinhala & Tamil New Year” to all Sri Lankans!!

May, 27, 2020 | 13:13:15
“Greetings for Sinhala & Tamil New Year” to all Sri Lankans!! - Studio Vimukthi

Best Wishes from Studio Vimukthi, Colombo Photographer

Posted by Studio Vimukthi, Colombo Photographer & Videographer – Sri Lanka

Studio Vimukthi, Wedding Photographer Colombo sends our wishes to all our beloved
customers in Sri Lanka during this festive season of Sinhala & Tamil New
Year with its extravaganza of cultural and national celebrations that falls during
the month of April every year.

We, as your premier Wedding Photographer and Videographer in Sri Lanka, wish to
express our deep appreciation to our customers in Sri Lanka for the confidence
they always place in us.

We also send our greetings and thanks to all our Facebook, Twitter followers and
wedding photography browsers for their continued patronage and viewing our
footage and video galleries on our website We also want to invite you to send us your
comments and feedback with your posts on our blog page on our website.

As we capture the photographic imprints of emotions and human activities of our
society, our mission is also to preserve these annual cultural & festive
celebrations and events in their natural perspective for memories for future
generations. In this context our work this year has already been challenging and
busy for us. We are also happy to note that our client base has spread to far
corners of Sri Lankan society, a dedication we have always wanted to pursue in
our services. We also have been into nature and  wild life photography recently and have made our mark in carrying out work for international clients.

Studio Vimukthi, Colombo Photographers and our staff take this special time of the
year to wish all our valued clients peace, happiness and prosperity in the year

We wish you a Happy & Prosperous 

Sinhala & Tamil New Year!!

Studio Vimukthi,
Colombo Wedding Photographer & Videographer, Sri Lanka